Overview – Concert Band On Demand Lessons

Music Learning Teachers, Directors, and Staff have been working hard to quickly build a robust online presence and class structure.  These on-demand classes, master classes, practice sessions, and live, interactive workshops are a great way for students to work with the teachers they already know – right away!

These resources will help our students not only today, but also in the future as a way to remediate difficult music passages and fundamental technique.


All On-Demand Lessons for All Levels


Play-Along Audio Rehearsal Tracks:

Play-Along Audio Tracks


On-Demand Concert Band Lessons & Tutorials:


Concert Band Class Sessions

Concert Band Song Workshops



We want to personally extend our thoughts and prayers to our students and their families.  We hope that you remain safe and healthy.  


As most of your campuses transition to Distance Learning, we want to reassure you that your students will continue to receive instrumental music, vocal music, and general music instruction from the Music Learning instructors they are used to seeing on a daily or weekly basis.



  1. Music Learning Teachers are actively teaching and providing educational opportunities for students immediately. 
  2. Our Instrumental Music, Choir, and General Music Education Classes will “transition to temporarily distance learning” so that our students can and will continue to receive music education in this time away from school. Our classes and programs are not cancelled or postponed – they are just occurring in a different environment.
  3. Music Learning Teachers will adapt and integrate with your school’s plans.  
  4. This situation will continue to evolve and improve as we navigate this new learning environment together.  The connection our teachers have with our students and families is important.  Our goal is to provide as much personal experience with appropriate student/teacher interaction as possible.  We will augment that personal experience with additional technology, but with the foundation of meaningful teacher/student instruction and interaction.
  5. Our Distance Learning Program includes:
      1. On-Demand Classes and Lessons with our current staff. If your school requests one, you have the option to complete a brief quiz or answer sheet to provide “proof of attendance”.
      2. Digital “Office Hours”: Teachers will be available for live and interactive workshops at announced times throughout the week.  This is in addition to direct e-mail correspondence during traditional school hours daily.  
      3. Interactive Small Group Lessons: The nature of a band, choir, or music class makes group learning platforms like Google Hangout, Zoom, and other programs difficult to navigate. 
      4. Augmented Teaching With Technology: We are sharing age-appropriate apps, websites, and subscriptions for our students and parents.  


Teachers will present live Masterclasses and Workshops via Zoom.  Students are encouraged to participate. Please be aware that the session will be recorded for archive purposes.  Videos with students will not be shared online.

When students participate in a Zoom Masterclass or send in a video recording to our teachers, we ask the following:

  1. A parent or responsible adult should be within earshot of the student.
  2. The student is dressed appropriately for school. This does not need to be a uniform, but should be appropriate for “free dress” or “sprit days”.
  3. Digital Office Hours will only be available during traditional school hours.
  4. Videos should only be sent by adults and/or through official “@musiclearningband.com” or school issued email addresses.  
  5. Students should have an identified, stationary, specific place for learning. Students should not be mobile – traveling throughout their homes during the video interaction.

As much as possible, we want to present an opportunity for students of all levels to enjoy and progress in music.  This includes creating a consistent learning plan with familiar teachers, materials, and lessons in what will be a very new environment.  We want to establish a new normalcy that creates a sense of routine for both our teachers and their students.