Music Learning Is…


The Music Learning Band Program teaches the fundamentals of music and band to more than 1400 students in over fifty Dallas and Ft. Worth area schools.  

     A student can join the Music Learning program once he or she reaches the fourth grade, however students of all skill levels are welcome to participate.  Each school has their own Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced Bands and all students from the area play together on Saturdays and special occasions such as Christmas & Holiday Concerts, Spring Tour, End of the Year Concert & Recording Session, etc.  The Students have the option to choose any band instrument they like ranging from flute to trumpet to drums to saxophone.  As stated earlier, students of any skill level are invited to join the band.  

Children everywhere deserve the opportunity to discover their hidden abilities in music.  From smaller schools to larger schools, every child should have the opportunity to be in a school band.  Music Learning Band Programs is here to provide such a program for your school.


General Music / Music and movement

In addition to offering a comprehensive band program, Music Learning can also provide a full general music program geared towards students age 3 – 8th grade. Our interactive classes for early childhood students emphasize keeping a steady beat, recognizing high and low pitches, short and long tones, and an introduction to hand percussion, Boomwhakers, and xylophones.

General Music classes for elementary students emphasize note-reading, pitch and rhythm recognition, and a more in-depth experience with percussion, xylophones, and the recorder.  We can also incorporate music for parent and school performances, chapel, Mass, or other special productions into our class curriculum.

Strings / Orchestra

Music Learning is also expanding our instrumental program to include string instrumental ensembles. Featuring the violin and viola, our program can provide your school with an excellent beginning, intermediate, and advanced string ensemble.


Beginning, Concert (Intermediate), and Honor (Advanced) Bands

The Beginner Bands:

The Beginner Band focuses on the basics of instrumental music.  By December each beginner band student has progressed enough to play their first big concert.  At the Christmas & Holiday Concert, band members perform arrangements such as “Jingle Bells”, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, “Excerpts from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony”, “My Dreydl”, and “The Little Drummer Boy”.  In March, the Beginning Band goes on a Spring Tour.  By the end of May, students have progressed enough to play full length concerts featuring all types of musical styles including rock and swing.  All students will participate in two recording sessions throughout the year.

The Concert Bands:

    Once the basics of playing a musical instrument are mastered, students are promoted to the Intermediate Band.  This second year of instruction focuses more on theory and quality of playing an instrument. As members of the Intermediate/Advanced Band, students are able to play popular songs such as “Tequila”, “The Incredibles”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.  The intermediate students also perform a Christmas & Holiday Concert, Spring Tour, and Spring Finale Concerts.  

The Honor Bands:

Once a student has been in the band for at least one year, he is eligible to join the Honor Bands.  Most advanced Band members play in either the Jazz Ensemble and/or Wind Ensemble (Studio Band).   The honor bands are designed to give every student a musical challenge. There are several concert and jazz honor bands that any student may join.  Being a member of an honor band requires additional practice time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it.  These bands rehearse one night a week and perform many concerts through out the year.  From Classical to Jazz from Rock and Roll to Big Band, the honor bands offer a fun learning experience for all young musicians.  The honor bands are consistently invited to perform at many area and regional events.  They have been invited to play in Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL.

Beginning Band members choose their own instrument. the first  year of band curriculum focuses on technique, mechanics, and musicality through original exercises, pop music, and classical band literature.

Concert Band members have at least one year experience on their main instrument. Many concert band members rehearse and perform on multiple instruments.

Honor Band members are part of the premiere music learning ensembles. students with 2 – 8 years of experience from all of our schools rehearse twice a week as a big band jazz stage band and advanced concert band.