The Music Learning Staff are the most dedicated musicians and educators in Texas. Each of our band directors has the heart of a teacher and the experience of a world class musician, combined to give your child the most rewarding band experience imaginable. Our office staff members are also committed to providing outstanding support to parents, students, and our teachers. With 10 different directors and more than 250 cumulative years of experience, the Music Learning staff is ready to help your child love band as much as we do. 

Jerry Bishop – Founder & CEO, Drum & Percussion 

972-499-0831 ext. 111

Mr. Bishop co-founded Music Learning in 1984. He attended the University of North Texas where he played with the One O’clock Lab Band.

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Ken Utz- Vice President of Operations, Trumpet & Brass

972-499-0831 ext. 112

Mr. Utz is the first Music Learning Alumnus to join the Music Learning Staff. He joined the staff in 1999. While at the University of North Texas, he was a member of the Concert Band and numerous Lab Bands.

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Suzie Llewellyn – Office Manager & Billing Coordinator

972-499-0831 ext. 130

Mrs. Llewellyn joined the Music Learning staff in 2017.  She is available in the office to help answer questions about upcoming concerts, registration, tuition, Saturday Band, and more.  

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Josh Chiuminatto – Band Director, Alto Sax, & Woodwind

972-499-0831 ext. 125

Mr. Chiuminatto is yet another Music Learning alumnus who began teaching with our program beginning in the summer of 2013.  Mr. Chiuminatto, a Bishop Lynch Alumnus,  attended the University of Arkansas at Monticello, earning a degree in music..

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Katrina Chiuminatto – Band Director, Flute, & Woodwind

972-499-0831 ext. 114

Mrs. Chiuminatto is another Music Learning Alumnus who has joined the Music Learning Staff. She attended the University of North Texas where she was a member of the flute choir, summer lab band, and symphonic band. 

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Chris Cullen – Band Director, Trumpet, & All Brass

972-499-0831 ext. 123

Mr. Cullen is also a Music Learning Alumnus who has returned to teach as a member of our staff.  While attending University of Texas at Arlington, he was an active member of their jazz ensembles.

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Tom Faver – Band Director, Guitar, Bass, & All Brass 

972-499-0831 ext. 115

Mr. Faver joined the Music Learning Staff in 1985. He attended the University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Arlington and played in lab bands at both schools. 

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Chris Milyo – Band Director, Saxophone, & All Woodwinds

972-499-0831 ext. 126

Mr. Milyo joined the Music Learning Staff in 2015. Pursuing his masters degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, Mr. Milyo is an active performer within the DFW metroplex. 

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Andrew Popham – Band Director, Drum set, & Drumline

972-499-0831 ext. 127

Mr. Popham is an exciting addition to our staff. He is an active professional drummer who attended the University of North Texas. Mr. Popham joins our staff as a Drum Set, Drumline, & Percussion specialist.  

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Brenner Schmitt – Band Director, Trumpet & All Brass

972-499-0831 ext. 128

Mr. Schmitt brings a wealth of experience to all of our students. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington. Mr. Schmitt continues to perform in bands around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

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Amanda Robertson- Band Director, Woodwinds

972-499-0831 ext. 129

Mrs. Robertson is another Music Learning Alum who has returned to teach with our program. She is a skilled pianist, vocalist, and woodwind musician. 

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Aaron Ruggiere- Music Teacher – Vocal & Keyboards

972-499-0831 ext. 131

Mr. Ruggiere is a general music and vocal specialist. Outside the classroom, Mr. Ruggiere remains an active pianist and choir director in area churches and as a member of multiple jazz and funk bands. He has also scored music for film.

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