The Band Room remains one of the safest rooms in a school

We are excited to continue safe in-person learning this year. We continue to monitor industry, local, and national guidance regarding COVID-19 mitigation strategies. We continue to remain a part of the unprecedented international coalition with the CBDNA and NFHS sponsored aerosol spray studies.
We have just completed a successful and safe Band Camp and are proud to report that during the entire 2020-2021 school year, we did not see any “community spread” of COVID-19 in any of our music classes.
Music Learning Teachers and Staff members have trained and are following current local, state, and federal guidance. Additionally, Music Learning is a member of an international coalition of 125 music organizations researching and studying how to safely and effectively continue to create and teach music during the current pandemic.  Research from two sponsored studies of aerosol spray by the University of Colorado-Boulder and the University of Maryland have further guided our internal safety mitigation strategies. 
A few of our safety strategies and mitigation techniques for all music classes include:

Safety strategies & Mitigation techniques for class


    • Safe Distancing between students and staff
    • No sharing of student materials
    • Increased Emphasis on Rhythmic Studies, Music Theory, and Music History
    • Hand washing and/or hand sanitizer for all students at the start & end of class.  
    • Flexibility in class location and cohorts
    • Vaccinated Teaching Staff
    • Masks and Bell Cover policies to match your school’s policies


Nashville Music Scoring – Demonstration of Air Circulation

for Brass & Woodwind Instruments

Phase 2 Results & Presentation From the NFHS Performing Arts Aerosol Study (As of August 6, 2020)


Trumpet Air Projection vs. Speaking