Shelton lower school & Upper Elementary music

Resources for distance learning

Lower School (Ec – 2nd grade)

 View the lessons from Mr. Utz at the bottom of this page .

3rd & 4th Grade:

New Specials! Check the Specials Newsletter for the Zoom Lesson Links.

Mr. Utz will Zoom with you on Tuesday, May 12 and Thursday, May 14!

9:45 AM for 2nd Period Music and 10:45 AM for 3rd Period Music

5th Grade Specials & After School Band :

Check the UE Specials Newsletter for the Zoom Link.

New Specials! Mr. Dorn will Zoom with 5th Grade Music on Tuesday, May 12 at 9:45 AM.  



After School Band & Drumline – click the links above under Distance Learning to choose your lessons.

After School Drumline Zoom: Tuesday at 3:15

Beginner Band Zoom: Thursday 4:00 PM

Concert Band Zoom: Thursday 4:30 PM


Suggested Apps & Websites for all grade levels – Practice reading rhythms in a fun game format – We use many of her songs in class; she’s already made great videos where you can sing and dance along 

Lower School Music Lessons

Week of May 11




Click the Play Button below to get the Pop-See-Ko Beat.

The words are below if you don’t remember them!






Don’t forget about our Lower School Talent Show on May 15 at 1:00!

Lower School Music Lessons

Week of May 4



Mr. Utz’s Music Class – Surf Wars, Cinco de Mayo, & Peace


Click here to watch our performance of “Light a Candle for Peace” from September.  Sing and sign along!

Lower School Music Lessons

Week of April 27



Mr. Utz’s Music Class – LOUD & soft & The Djembe


Click here for one of my favorite Laurie Berkner songs – Choc-o-lot in my Pock-o-lot



Lower School Music Lessons

Week of April 20



Mr. Utz’s Music Class – Imagination & Fish


Click here to hear a song about imagination & clouds (just like Mary Lou Melon) – this song got stuck in my head!

Lower School Music Lessons

Week of April 13



Lower School Music Lessons

Week of April 6



Mr. Utz’s Music Class – Music with a Box

Laurie Berkner’s Song – Juniper Square!

Upper Elementary Specials / Band  Lessons

Week of April 27

 3/4 Grade Zoom with Mr. Utz on Tuesday & Thurday

5th Grade Zoom with Mr. Dorn on Tuesday.

We will post a summary in your google classroom



Mr. Dorn Teaches Beginning Band Worksheet 1 for Drums

Mr. Dorn Teaches Beginning Band Worksheet 4 for Drums

Mr. Utz Teaches Song Sheet 1 on the Recorder

Ms. Lotti Teaches Beginner Band focusing on When The Saints Go Marching In

Ms. Lotti Teaches Concert Band focusing on The Avengers

Mr. Dorn Teaches Drum Masterclass (MS Drumline)

Archived Lessons

Week of March 30:


Mr. Utz introduces Distance Learning for Lower School

Mr. Utz does the POPSICO!

Mrs. Ladner Teaches Recorder Worksheet 1

Mrs. Hawley Teaches Recorder Song Sheet 1

Mr. Utz Teaches Beginner Band

Mr. Utz Teaches Concert Band – Focusing on Big Timer Operator