2021 Richardson Christmas parade Update

Music Learning has been a participant of the Richardson Christmas Parade since 1993.  For over 27 years, our students have enjoyed the experience of performing in the parade environment. We have safely performed with groups of more than 600 students. Our families have donated thousands of toys to the Network of Community Ministries, and our bands have won countless First Place Division Awards, Spirit of Giving Awards, and even the Chairman’s Award.  Sadly, due to the city’s parade organizers, this tradition has come to an end.

New parade rules from the City of Richardson introduced this year preclude our ability to participate in the parade. This year the parade organizers added two specific rules that together eliminate our ability for all our students to participate in the parade.  Despite our long relationship with the city, we were given no advanced notice of these new rules.  We only learned of these two new rules as we began the process of registering for the parade in early November.   We are all disappointed in what the City of Richardson has done. 

Our staff is quickly working to provide an alternate band activity during the day on Saturday, December 4.  Details will be released soon.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your participation in this next activity. 

View the 2015 Parade – Band begins around the 58:00 mark.

View the 2014 Parade – Band begins around the 68:00 mark.

View the 2012 Parade – Band begins around the 95:00 mark.

View the 2011 Parade – Band begins around the 86:00 mark.

View the 2010 Parade – Band begins around the 60:00 mark.

View the 2009 Parade – Band begins around the 17:05 mark.